Here is a Craigslist advertisement for Affordable Resume Preparation.

This service promises that they can:

not only make it look good, I can make it read good

Make it read good?

Perhaps the author ought to give back all the degrees he brags about holding.

Speaking of those degrees, look at this sentence:

I am state certified in Business Technologies, Resume Writing & Professional Writing.

The above sentence is yet Another example of How you should capitalize Words that you want to Emphasize because, You know, those Words are Important and you want Them to stand out.
On the author's website, we meet this sentence on the policies page:

One of the reasons this is necessary as a sole proprietor is to prevent a back log of work that creates an unmanageable work load during busy periods.

If anyone out there can divine what that means, please let me know.

Need to go back to an earlier version of your resume? Fat chance:

Also, returns are not accepted as once I have done the work and sent you a draft there is no way for me to recover that work.

Our so-called expert in MS Office applications apparently cannot save intermediate revisions.

He wraps this page up with this sentence:

you will receive item/s as described

No doubt you will.