Desi Osteen rented a trailer from me in the spring of 2004. Here's how she left the property after she moved out. As if all this wasn't bad enough, she also skipped on her last water bill and her last month's rent. If you would like more information on my unpleasant experience with Ms. Osteen, you may email me or call me: David Poluxt 740-983-6845.
Left all this gross food, most of which spilled, in fridge.
There were bugs crawling around in this uneaten dinner she left.
Holes smashed in bathroom door.
Decaying food left in every room.
Bedroom closet doors torn off hinges.
Garbage all over the floor.
Bedroom windows damaged.
Bedroom filthy.
More gross stuff in the refrigerator.
The hallway.
That missing drawer was there when I rented to her.
Food everywhere.
Boxes of garbage everywhere.
More garbage.
More garbage left outside.
She was gracious enough to leave me 2 trashed washing machines.
I let her use this storage shed. Here's how it looked after she left.
Storage shed.
Storage shed.
Storage shed.
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