The Resume Chick proudly proclaims that she is the home of the $50 resume. What does 50 bucks buy you? You be the judge.

Let's start with this jewel:

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Does that sound like proper English to you?

And what exactly is an available-something?
On this page, The Resume Chick introduces us to a new concept: the up letter:

follow up letter

What, exactly, is an up letter?
And what does it follow?

She meant a letter that follows up.

It's a good thing she spent those 8 years honing her craft so carefully.
Next up, look at this wonderful little sentence:

Every resume is created differently to serve a purpose to each individual and their goals and will reflect as much. serve a purpose to each individual...

Once again, I ask you: would that sentence make any English teacher proud?
Finally....oh, man, I just couldn't resist.

One bad ass resume?

So what is an ass resume?
And--I think this is an appropriate question--just how bad is it?

If only, in her 8 years as a resume writer, the Resume Chick had considered learning about compound adjectives. Or, you know, proof-reading.